Humans are herd animals. We stick to a strict set of rules to be accepted by a society that is eradicating all aspects of individuality. In the cosy depths of anonymity, we lurk for anyone who seeks to breach out, only to drag him back into the collective. If this is not working, we punish these outsiders with contempt or idolise them. What exactly makes the difference between punishment or worshipping, stays a secret that waits to be discovered.

Barcoded is an experimental Performance that uses Breaking (aka Breakdance) as the stylistic element. It mixes dance, language, music, acting and video projection. The dance is freed from cliches and is used as an instrument to transport a story with a society-critic topic. We explore the issues of premature categorisation, expectations, individualism and the phenomenon of subjective reality. There is a noticeable narrative layer, which makes it easy to follow the piece, a society-critic layer, that deals with peer pressure and personal reality and a layer that criticises the contradiction of narrow-mindedness in the hip-hop subculture that praises itself as open-minded.

Barcoded Trailer from Artfeeders on Vimeo.

Artistic Director: FraGue Moser
Music: Gerda Kindler
Dance and Choreography: Tobias Huber, Valentin Alfery, Michael Siller, Moritz Steinwender, FraGue Moser

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This piece was supported and partially funded by the Austrian ministry of arts and culture, the cultural department of Salzburg City, the Culture Fonds of Salzburger Sparkasse and the Odeion Kulturforum Mayrwies.
Thank you very much.

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