foto: www.wimmerfrank.com
photo: www.wimmerfrank.com

At least the mass media of our times give the mindful observer the chance to compare the lies of yesterday with the lies of today.

The name [ESC] stands as the symbol for the ESC Button on a computer’s keyboard, which is used to cancel the actual task (in our case, the neverending stream of irrelevant data from the mass media). Also, the word „escape“ stands for getting away from something. [ESC] is an experimental dance theatre performance that explores the relationship between media manipulation and the unresponsiveness of humanity to significant global social problems.

About the piece

Endless tv shows, the 1000th new interpretation of known material, daily soaps, talk shows and sports. Television is our favourite tool for wasting time and provides us with frivolous entertainment, that distracts us from reality, that we want to forget.

Spotlights of casting shows push back the shadows of the global crisis, corrupt politicians and environmental catastrophes. Why is that and why are we so fond of it? That is the central question of this evening. You as a spectator can control what is happening on stage, via voting in the performance.

Director: FraGue Moser
Production: Artfeeders
Dance: Julian Reutterer, Stefan Hinterecker, Moritz Steinwender, Pia Grohmann, Tarek Tillian, Ainy Medina, Valentin Alfery, Michael Siller, Martin Duskanich
Premiere: 15.10.2014 at Kleines Theater (Salzburg)

Press voices:

In a unique manner the author of [ESC], Franz Günter Moser, shows the impact of modern media: lies are presented as truhs, show trumps reality.

– Alicia Tuchel (www.drehpunktkultur.at)

Breathtaking breakdance and emotional hip-hop parts interchange with dramatic sequences that show, in a humouristic way, the indifference of society regarding real issues.

– Elisabeth Pichler (www.dorfzeitung.com)


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more photos of Franz Fahr on his Homepage.

The project was supported and funded by Culture Dept. of Salzburg City and Culture Dept. of Salzburg County.

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