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Laurels from Vienna Independent Film Festival for Pied Piper ReloadedEnCORE Laurels Hi Res 2016

Pied Piper Reloaded is the first dance short film and therefore our first exploration in the field of movies and cinema. We are trying new ways to present urban dance to a broad audience.T

The story is a modern interpretation of the legend „Pied Piper of Hamelin“, brought into a Victorian age and connected to the issue of wealth redistribution.

Pied Piper Reloaded is on IMDB.com.

Director: FraGue Moser-Kindler
Music: Gerda Moser-Kindler
Camera and Editing: Michael Siller, TaKuMu
Costumes: Gerda Moser-Kindler and Paz Katrina Jimenez with friendly support of Toihaus Theatre
Photo and Artwork: Dusana Baltic
Dance & Choreography: Valentin Alfery, Martin Duskanich, Stefan Hinterecker, Paz Katrina Jimenez, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Manuel Pölzl, Julian Reutterer, Moritz Steinwender
Hair & Makeup: Gerda Moser-Kindler
Schauspiel Coaching: Martin Duskanich & Valentin Alfery
Light: Frank Wimmer
Set Assistant: Patricia Fuchs

Running Time: ca. 10 Minuten
Format: DCP, black and white


  • Festival of Nations, Lenzing
  • Long Night of Dance, Milstatt
  • Long Night of Dance, St. Kanzian
  • EnCORE: Dance on Film at Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur GA U.S.A.
  • Vienna Independent Film Festival
  • My Sound of Music Festival, Salzburg
  • 7. Walser Filmtage, Wals.
    * Award „Outstanding Austrian Short film“ from VÖFA.

MAKING OF (in german language)
Piper Piper – Behind the Scenes from Gerda
Pied Piper – Behind the Scenes II from FraGue

The project was supported and funded by Culture Department of Salzburg City und der Culture Department of Salzburg County.

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